Sunday, 21 February 2016

The next few post are about ways to make exercise fun. I am seriously in need of this post! How can we stay motivated and keep exercising? Check them out!

The next few post are about ways to make exercise fun. Fun, Fun and more Fun! Is that even possible?  I am seriously in need of this post! Sometimes the idea of waking up with the thought of going to the gym doing my treadmill walk and then lifting my weights does not fill me with joy. Recently it has become more of a chore and I use every excuse to as to why I cannot go today: my ankle hurts, my tummy hurts, my finger hurts, can the soles of your feet hurt!!

Sometimes it is just difficult to stay motivated to exercise on a regular basis, but we all know it must be done. Even though it can be boring! But we have to find a way to go on, as we know we cannot stop. So I have been looking into ways of making exercise a bit more fun. I will share what I have found with you over the next few blog posts.
This card is inspired by a student that always find the time
 and energy to attend her Judo classes, plus win competitions !  

The first thing that you can do is go with a friend! Yes, a friend, your partner or just grab a passer-by ( okay , don't do the last one!)  You can challenge each other, help each other out, keep each other motivated and on track, make each other laugh or just make a game out of your exercise
programs. Just try to stay focused and even if you talk, make sure you are working out and talking. There is no problem with talking, however if you can constantly talk and don't feel a lack of breath then you are probably not working out hard enough!
Check back tomorrow for some more great tips on how to keep motivated to exercise. Enjoy your day and do some exercise. I will try , I promise!  Tomorrow your face and exercise - check back!

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 If you have any tips, no matter how small do share them below, as I think at some point in time we all will need them!

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