Thursday, 18 February 2016

Innovation with exercise! To be innovative you need a clear mind. Let your body control your innovation by moving!

To be innovative you need a clear mind.  Take a long stroll. Take a short run. Jog for a little. Any form of exercise, as long as you are not overdoing it, is great.  Exercise is a wonderful way to bring those creative thoughts to the surface. You will be amazed at how clear your mind is after exercise. It's also great for the body!

I thought, I would love to make a simple drink.
A simple recipe for a fantastic birthday!

Find your own  style. You can tell a Van Gogh from Matisse. You know what Hemingway wrote by the selection of words used. Now apply that to yourself. You are unique and let your uniqueness stand out, be yourself. You will find that your uniqueness and innovation will be appreciated because it is you and your way of thinking. You are a valuable asset and if you start to take the lead, others will look at what you are doing and be inspired and impressed.

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