Friday, 19 February 2016

Innovation can only work if you have passion in your bed. Do you have passion for innovation in your bed? If no, find it!!
A smoothie birthday card with a recipe on the front as part of the design!!
A maths birthday card with a recipe at the back!

No passion , no innovation. Nothing in life can work out  without passion. Do you have a strong passion to succeed? Then you will reach your goal if you plan and keep that passion going.
Nothing will work without passion.

What makes you jump out of bed and ready for the next project? What keeps you going, even when things seem not to be worth it or a waste of energy and time? What keeps the flame burning? What is the one thing that you'll die if you don't do?

Sometimes people with talent and innovation  are overtaken by other people, just because the other people want it more. Not because they are more talented. How much do you want it? The hare wanted it but the tortoise got it! Do you really want to do what you are doing or are you just paying it lip service. How committed are you to your innovation and ultimate success? When you want something badly then nothing will stop you to reach that goal. No matter what, you will still keep going. This is what passion is about and this is what successful innovation needs. Now go forth and have passion!

That is the last on my series on innovation. Hope it keeps you being passionate and innovative for years to come!

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