Friday, 26 February 2016

FREE TIPS! What Are You Going To Get Done Today? How's Your Time Management Skills? Have You Remembered Mothering Sunday! 6th March - This year!!

Managing time skills

If you manage your time right you will have more time to spend doing the activities you like. This will help reduce unnecessary stress. You will also find that your productivity increases. Think ahead. Is there a special day coming up? 

Prioritise your time so you get what you need in advance and have all the things you need for a task in advance. Don't forget Mothering Sunday next week - UK 6th March - THIS YEAR!! Have you forgotten someone's birthday? Did you get the milk in!

Here are a few tips on how to manage your time successfully:
· Gain more time by concentrating and focusing on task at hand. If needed, delegate tasks that you cannot do. Schedule in time for yourself. I am guilty of not scheduling time for myself. Are you?

· How do you spend your time? Do you even know? Keep a track of what you do. If it is unbalanced, then change it. 

· You can prioritise your time by ranking task in order of priority. Give time to those things in life that you find important or mean something to you.
Mojito Mum Card

· Under commit yourself. Don't over commit. If you think you can do something by Wednesday, say you will do it by Thursday. If you feel you can do a certain quantity of work, state you will do less than that. That way, you relieve the stress and will always feel a sense of a achievement.

· Don't procrastinate. Plan your day. Divide the day into small projects that you feel you can manage. If they flow over to the next day ... so be it! Give yourself short term deadlines and long term deadlines.
Funny Mum Card with a recipe
At the back!
What ingredients do you need. Have you planned!

· Don't let life be a battle. Know what you are like and develop ways to cope when issues occur. No one knows you better than yourself!
Check back tomorrow for some more tips. In the meantime, don't forget to schedule in Mothering  Sunday and come back tomorrow for some more tips! 
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This is a word search card with a recipe at the back!!

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