Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Be Innovative. Follow The Beat of Your Own Drum. Don't just Listen to what everyone says. Think for yourself and let your reality take shape according to your rules!

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I know it is not easy but stop listening to everyone because you are liable not to make any progress. Stop listening to negativity and get on with it. Follow your own rhythm and fine tune it until it is just right. Then constantly review it and establish how changes or adjustments can help you. If you try to spend all your time explaining and justifying your original idea to everyone, then you are liable to leave it by the roadside and drive on. If our ancestors had listened to their peers, then many of the  achievements of the  last two centuries would have come to nothing. Take the chance, a calculated chance.  My line of cards are definitely not the norm, but I believe in them and so I have to follow the beat of my own drum!
Innovation - be different , think different!

Spend time cultivating and nurturing  your idea. Do not just think it will happen overnight. It will take time. But keep at it everyday and your small steps will pay off, as time goes by. Management of  your time is so important -  this is the key to successfully sticking to and completing any tasks. Check back for more great tips tomorrow.

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