Monday, 21 December 2015

How to play sudoku for those who receive a sudoku greeting card

Greeting cards to eat/ drink,  do, use and love!

If you receive one of our Sudoku greeting cards, this video will help you to complete it! This is one of the most quick and easiest videos to follow.
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Sudoku is not a difficult puzzle to work out. It does not require any mathematical prowess or mental mathematic skills. This is why so many people , all over the world, can enjoy puzzling their way through a Sudoku puzzle and not, at all, feel intimated by their lack of  mathematical  knowledge.

To be honest, most of the how to play Sudoku videos were just too long and tedious with the narrator having a humdrum tone and going on and on. This video is not too bad but I will endeavour at some stage to make a more upbeat one and post it. For now, here we go...


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