Monday, 21 December 2015

Five facts you thought you knew about ice skating but were totally wrong. Let's get the ice skating facts right!

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Ice Skating For All

The True Facts About Ice-Skating and how you can have fun.  Skating is a cool thing to do in London. It's not free but it is not as expensive as many other things to do in London. Here are the true facts about ice-skating.  ice skating  is a        wonderful thing to do in London

  • You can lose weight ice skating
By just putting on ice-skates you have made the decision to give your entire body a  total workout; it takes lots of hard work to balance on skating blades! However, ice-skating is just like any other form of exercise: it requires commitment, endurance and time. The same dietary control and exercise regime, that would accompany any other form of commitment for weight control, is still necessary for ice-skating.  Ice skating is a wonderful thing to do in London.
  • Ice skating is a winter activity
Around London you will find numerous temporary outdoor ice-skating rinks set up during the winter months (particularly between October through to January). This may suggest that it is a winter activity - but this would be a wrong assumption. Indoor ice-skating rinks offer activities and classes throughout the year.  Opt for a family discount ticket to make savings on entry into an ice-rink. This is a great family day out.
  • You can become proficient after one session
It takes a number of sessions before a novice becomes comfortable on the ice-skates. Do not be deterred by soreness and your lack of balance as overtime you and your family will develop endurance and  quickly adjust to the unfamiliar movements. Indeed, after a few weeks, you and your family will begin to develop some basic skills. If you require quicker results,  why not opt for one of the many ice-skating lessons offered by most ice-rinks throughout London.
  • Safety is not important
Why spoil  your family day out with a preventable accident? Unlike many other ice sports, it is not compulsory for children to wear a helmet whilst ice-skating. However,  I think in order to keep children safe it should be compulsory, for under 11 year olds,  for  children to  wear protective knee/ elbow pads and  a helmet. Make sure you feel safe when you and your family are skating.
  • On a hot day the ice rink will be warm.
As the rink needs a constant cool temperature, rinks  are cool even if the temperature outside is 20°C. Always wear / take  a jacket or extra layers that you can put on or take off. Consider wearing gloves and remember to take socks - as skates can be hard on the feet. You may even want to take plasters, just in case your feet get sore.
  • Top Tips
A bottle of water  and some snacks is always a good idea. Ice skating  is a wonderful thing to do in London - have fun and enjoy!

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  1. Get skating today! You know you'll enjoy it. Work that body!


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