Thursday, 24 March 2016

An Interview With Myself! Unusual Greeting Birthday Cards Recipe, Word Search, Sudoku, Puzzles, Food Gifts Designed4Doing Something With.

                                        Why did you start Designed4 Doing?

Unique original card designs... not on the high street
Check Me Out! Unique Greeting Cards

The vision was to look beyond the everyday greeting card and give something that meant more, that could be used for different things and serve a greater purpose than a simple greeting card.

I wanted to show people that there was more thought in the cards than the message alone and give people something that would help them  create an enjoyable experience. Who doesn’t like getting something different on their birthday, right? With my cards that is exactly what they get – an experience that they wouldn’t get with just any greeting card.
How do you feel about the products you produce?
I feel a great deal and satisfaction. When I look at all I have achieved in less than 6 months and what the products actually look like and do, I am over the moon with delight!  I thank all who have made me get this far and particular thanks to Dawn Roberts, Lloyd, Nathan , Henry and Nile who have helped me tirelessly with getting the designs just right and listening to me moan each and every day!
Nothing will beat that feeling of joy I felt  watching a teenager engrossed in  one of my word search greeting cards and then getting her gran involved! www.ninalazina.etsy.comUnusual Greeting CardsWord Search Handbag
It was then that I realized that I had created something that people would use, across the generations, and get satisfaction, pleasure, education and the knowledge that the card was more than just a simple thought. It’s not just children that like our cards – people of all ages enjoy a puzzle, we like to test ourselves and satisfy our craving to prove to ourselves what we can do! 
It also gave me great joy when a teenager asked me if I had tested the ginger beer recipe and the look on her face when I stated I tested all recipes!

What is special about your greeting  cards?

They are all  Designed4Doing something with as well as being environmentally friendly.
Our cards, as well as being totally recyclable, can be used for other things and kept. With Designed4Doing greeting cards it’s about more than just a thought – it’s about watching the pleasure  of solving a word search, testing knowledge, reading and making a recipe  or just having a laugh and making a recipe.

What do you hope people will get from your greeting  cards?

There is so much pleasure for me in these products and I know and have seen that they will be appreciated.  I like to imagine an adult with their feet up reaching for the card and losing themselves in a word search for an hour;  a child getting pleasure from one of our drawing cards; another person child or adult trying a recipe and enjoying the entire activity as well as sampling what they made.

That's it - Nina Odejimi-Riley

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